Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ah... the Blondeness

Approaching the final week.... week 6

Well, this programme is actually quite time consuming!  With all the planning of meals, packing of multiple bags, pre-planning my wardrobe and generally feeling quite exhausted at times... I haven't had the inclination to update my progress here on WhiteLightningHeart.  I have found myself going over what I've eaten more than once in a day and I admit, I have become quite obsessed about really giving this my all.

For all my efforts I have been rewarded.  I'm feeling great!  I did a Sh'Bam class on Wednesday and noticed a huge improvement in my endurance. I now really see the benefits of weight training - its works and helps you lose weight.  And the strength I've gained is awesome! I'm actually not wanting the six weeks to end so I'm going to sign up to do it all over again! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Look Better Naked :: Week Two

I've decided to summarise the rest of the programme into a weekly report as I suspect my blog entries will get fairly repetitive otherwise.

Week two started with a hiss and a roar.  I did a Body Combat class on Monday which I loved!  It's a great way to relieve all sorts of tension and you feel a little bit, well .... staunch!  Right hooks, undercuts - Rocky Balboa eat your heart out!

Tuesday's LBN session was good and even though it's only been a week, I could see my technique improving.  We've started doing a bit more cardio as well with some running on the treadmill.  Usually this is a struggle for me but I managed to complete the 12 minutes without stopping.

Come Wednesday and I felt a significant decline in my energy levels.  Admittedly I haven't been going to bed as early as I probably should for those early morning starts and it was beginning to catch up on me.  The Thursday morning 5am wakeup call was definitely a struggle but I enjoyed the training session - as painful as it was - which focussed on our legs with lots, and lots of squats and lunges.

As the day progressed I began to feel worse and worse for wear until I was hit from out of nowhere with some kind of nasty, debilitating bug.  The wait for the bus home was agonising and by the time I got home I felt as if rigamortis had set in.

It's now Tuesday of the following week and I am still unable to do anything.  I'm grumpy, bored and upset that I haven't been able to do any exercise for - OMG - 5 days!  This will no doubt set my programme back but I've managed to hang onto the nutritional aspect so fingers crossed the damage isn't too severe.  I am really missing the exercise which is a positive sign and can't wait to get over this damn bug and get back into it.