Saturday, January 29, 2011

Look Better Naked :: Week One - Saturday

The early wakeup call was difficult this morning.  It's Saturday and Saturday's for me are usually reserved for leisurely antics - maybe some yoga at home, a stroll to Aro St Cafe for a coffee, then a mooch around the shops.  Being thrust into rigorous exercise at 7am was a shock.

Today's session was really hard - and painful.  It was all about the legs today - unfortunate for me as I'd done the Pump class the day before and my legs were already sore. 

Lots of squats, lunges and burpies (I officially dislike burpies; jumping into a plank, then into a squat and then doing a jump; we do clap our hands at the end when we do the jump, but this isn't because we're having good time). I also overcame my fear of jumping onto high surfaces with both feet at the same time (something I'd been terrified of since childhood) - so all in all a very good session!  I look forward to not being able to walk tomorrow but tomorrow is my day off and I get to indulge in gelato or a glass of wine. I feel like I've earnt it - for once!

Look Better Naked :: Week One - Friday

I decided to miss my planned early morning Body Combat class in exchange for a one-hour sleep in and a leisurely breakfast - it was Friday after all.  I made up for this by doing a mid afternoon Pump class.

It would seem I'm still quite attached to the rules of my Tracy Anderson mat workout DVD and am terrified of lifting any weight over 1.5kgs (3 pounds). This is very difficult to get away with in a PUMP class as a 1.5kg weight is the smallest weight in the whole gym and one is considered to 'not being taking the class seriously' if they stick to a single, tiny weight for the duration (most people are lifting 5 - 10kgs).  I can hear Tracy exclaiming "no woman should lift more than 3 pounds as you'll bulk, and bulk leads to more room for loose skin later on....".  It repeats over and over in my mind - I am conflicted.

Who is Tracy Anderson you may ask?  Here she is - the teeny, tiniest person in the whole world and trainer to Madonna, Lady GaGa, Scarlett Johasson and Gwyenth Paltrow.  Her strategy is to avoiding muscle bulking and creating a leaner, longer dancer's body.

I've decided to find time to complete elements of the Tracy Anderson DVD in conjunction with my programme - I love her arm exercises and they really do work to get rid of those nanna-ta-tas*.

I'm still on track with the nutrition plan and have'nt consumed any naughty sugars for five days now - a record for me.  I'm looking forward to our 7am session tomorrow!

* Nanna-ta-tas refers to the drooping under arm skin that most Nanna's shake furiously as they wave ta-ta to you and your family after a Sunday visit. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Look Better Naked :: Week One - Thursday

Another 6.00am session today and to my detriment, I went to bed way too late the night before (mesmerised by a documentary about a woman addicated to plastic surgery).  I manage to get out of bed promptly enough, have my toast with peanut butter (god it was good) and head out the door with three bags (I am becoming a bag lady)...

1.  Food - breakfast (muesli, yoghurt and blueberries), snack (nectarine, brazil nuts), lunch (spinach, tomato, avocado and chicken), more snacks (carrot sticks and some ricotta cheese).
2.  Gym bag - toiletries (I have to wash my hair this morning which adds to the never ending list of things I must take), clothes for work (please don't let me have forgotten anything) and walking shoes so I can walk from the gym to work (I refuse to wear my trainers with normal clothes).
3.  Handbag - my daily necessities including my Look Better Naked bible which I guard like a close friend.

It's a good session today with a bit of cardio and work on our core.  We started with a group activity (my worst nightmare) with a bit of ball passing - I managed to escape unharmed.  Suprisingly I also managed the 15 minute run without vomitting - the last (and most painful) three minutes being aided by 'Empire State of Mind' and Alicia Keys rocking the piano.

On the nutrition front, a few challenges like adhering to the 2 allocated fats and not eating enough carbs, but I'll work on that over the next few days.  Positively, it's been four days since I ate anything refined, white, sugary or baked.  The amount of protein I'm eating is working well to curb the pangs!  Low fat ricotta with a teaspoon of carob powder is a life-saver and my treat at the end of the day.

Right better get my food and bags ready for tomorrow!  

Look Better Naked :: Week One - Wednesday

No training session today - we're on our own and must complete some form of 'intense' cardio session today.  Sadly this negates my beloved Sh'Bam classes - but I can do this in addition to the cardio session (hmmmmm).

I opt for RPM - with an intense rating of 4 out of 5, its claimed to be THE calorie killer (600 calories in one session) and the ultimate ride.

Being short of stature I've always struggled with these bikes and spend an age getting the seat and handle bar height 'just so'.  Unfortunately I didn't realise that the seat can also come forward and spent the whole class clasping the handle bars almost by my fingertips because I couldn't reach properly.  I'm not sure this resulted in the intense workout I was aiming for, but I'll know for next time.  With the correct seat, handle bar, arm ratio I think it will be just the ticket!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Look Better Naked :: Week One - Tuesday

After a broken sleep, waking up at 12.05am with my 'night light' shining too brightly and busting for the loo - I awoke to the dulcet tones of my alarm at 5.00am.
With some internal debate about whether it was really all worth it, I got up, made myself a humble slice of toast with a 'scraping' of peanut butter and headed out the door.  It's quiet nice walking out and about before the sun comes up and makes you feel like you've got one up on everyone who is still in bed snoozing. Those in bed snoozing would no doubt be thinking 'that crazy fool' and thinking they well had the one up on me!
We warmed up with some passing of a medicine ball (note to self -must Google why they are called such), some press-ups (ew), some squats and running of laps then got into an upper body weights workout. Nothing too scary - two different routines, three repetitions of each 45 second exercise focussing on the chest, back and tricep exercises.  Apparently I'll be stiff for up to a week so I'll report back on that tomorrow.  I'll soak in a bath with vetiver tonight and see if that prevents rigamortise.  
The food intake is going well although I feel like I'm obsessing a little and constantly thinking about food.  Hopefully that will settle down once my routine is in place.  
After our trainer sung the praises of Sculpt bars this morning, I found myself sprinting out of the gym at lunchtime (I did a sneaky Sh'Bam class) and racing to find one of this little gems.  It was digested within seconds.  Note to self - must not get addicted to Sculpt bars; they have a very long list of ingredients with scarily long names which are most likely questionable in their origin.
So tomorrow I have to do a grown-up cardio class so have picked RPM at lunchtime.  Should be a blast!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Look Better Naked :: Week One - Monday

This blog will be temporarily interrupted to talk about the next six weeks of my Les Mills 'Look Better Naked' fitness regime.

At the early hour of 7am on Saturday I attended the introductory seminar with an incredibly optimistic trainer.  I had all manner of measurements and vital statistics taken and recorded, and we then talked about my goals for the programme. I have to admit I downplayed the weightloss factor sighting 'resistance training' and 'building up my stamina' as my main goals.  I wasn't about to admit that I was suffering from what those in the design industry call 'the 5kg curse' - a slow but steady weight gain that starts promptly upon arrival at an agency when you just can't believe your good luck that biscuits, crackers, cheese, nibbles, even breakfast cereal are freely available to you, and you take full advantage.  Before you know it your black skinny jeans are delegated to the back of your wardobe and you're wearing floating dresses from Moochi.

She didn't laugh or roll her eyes at my objectives, which I thought was positive and told me my goals could be achieved (yesssssss) if I stuck to the nutritional plan and worked out six times a week (yes, 6 times a week!!!).  My goals were duly noted in my little Look Better Naked bible with a space to record the results after the six weeks was up.  I would check these figures repeatedly during the 90 minute session, committing them to memory and chanting them inside my head like some newly discovered mantra.

It's Day Numero Uno today so I'm furiously planning meals, writing shopping lists, finding vessels to house the myriad of snacks I must eat.  It's time consuming but kind of fun - I'm filled with purpose!

I've carefully filled out my eating diary and have managed to remain within the confines of the regime - 2 portions of fruit, 5 portions of vegetables (actually this was difficult), 4 portions of carbs (I know - carbs on a weight loss programme????), 5 portions of protein and 2 of healthy fats.  And... 2 litres of water which has seen me spend a lot of time in the loo today!

I've opted not to exercise today in order to save my strength for tomorrow.  I don't know what to expect!

I've dutifully assembled my breakfast, snacks and lunch for tomorrow and now must depart to plan my wardrobe so I can carefully pack it into my gym bag and not forget anything vital likes shoes or knickers!  And, I must be in bed within the next 30 minutes in order to get enough sleep for my 5am wakeup call tomorrow.

Tomorrow at 6am is our first 'session' with the instructor and I'm a little scared.  There are five other girls in the programme and I've never been very good at group activities.  The only group sport I attempted at school was netball but I never made is past the B team.  Badminton (singles of course) and gymnastics were more my thing.  Well, better go - so much to do, so much to organise.  Hopefully I'll have the strength to write some more tomorrow after my first workout!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pirelli Calendar 2011 by Karl Lagerfield

View the making oif the 2011 Pirelli Calendar, this year by Karl Lagerfield...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

You Got The Love (The XX Mix)

I love this version of Candi Station's 1991 track.  The bass - love the bass.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Festive Gorgeousness

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